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Tashkent Medical Academy (TMA)
Tashkent Medical Academy (TMA), founded in 1920, is a leading educational institution in Uzbekistan with the objective of producing highly qualified medical professionals and enhancing healthcare standards. The academy encompasses faculties of general medicine, medico-pedagogy, medico-prophylaxis, and higher nursing, catering to over 4,600 students. With a strong faculty of 803 members, including academicians and professors, TMA focuses on research, offering 25 ongoing projects and fostering the development of specialists through 58 chairs and specialized scientific councils. TMA's prominence is reflected in its international collaborations with renowned institutions such as Humboldt University (Berlin) and Seoul University. As the top university in Uzbekistan, TMA excels in nurturing the medical talents of tomorrow.


Bukhara State Medical Institute (BSMI)
Bukhara State Medical Institute, established in 1930 and later named "Abu Ali ibn Sino," has evolved into a prominent institution of medical education. With continuous growth, it now comprises 8 faculties and 41 departments, offering diverse bachelor's and master's degree programs along with clinical residency in over 40 specialties. More than 4,700 students and residents benefit from the expertise of 400 professors and teachers, including 20 Doctors of Sciences and 107 candidates of sciences. The institute's curriculum, taught in Uzbek, Russian, English, and Turkish, aligns with the new edition of the Law "On Education," preparing highly skilled professionals in 8 distinct fields.

Samarkand State Medical University
Samarkand State Medical University, founded in 1930, is a prestigious medical institution in Uzbekistan and the Central Asian region. With its rich history and commitment to excellence, the university has grown into a leading higher education establishment. Embracing innovation, it swiftly adapted to distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring uninterrupted education. In 2022, the university achieved financial autonomy, gaining decision-making rights on academic matters. Partnerships with esteemed foreign universities enhance international cooperation. Offering various faculties and academic programs, Samarkand State Medical University remains dedicated to producing skilled medical professionals through practical-oriented teaching and cutting-edge standards.

Urgench Branch of Tashkent Medical Academy (UBTMA)
Urgench Branch of Tashkent Medical Academy (UBTMA) prioritizes high-quality education and fostering scientific and innovative activities in the local and international education sector. Its focus includes providing fundamental professional education, fostering competent teaching staff, and developing healthcare professionals who meet global labor market demands. UBTMA aims to implement advanced medical care and technology, address health system needs, and cater to individual and societal requirements. With five faculties and 28 departments, UBTMA offers diverse study directions, including treatment, pediatrics, dentistry, and joint programs. The branch houses about 3000 undergraduate students, 61 master's degree candidates, and 149 clinical residency trainees. Its modern facilities and dedicated faculty support its mission of excellence in medical education.


Andijan State Medical Institute
Andijan State Medical Institute, founded in 1955, has grown into a prominent institution in the medical field. With outstanding achievements and dedicated professionals like Yusuf Otabekovich Otabekov and Rakhim Muhammedovich Nurmukhammedov, the institute has made significant strides. Today, it offers diverse faculties and educational directions, preparing students in various medical specialties. The institute boasts a strong faculty of 533 professors and 36 doctors, ensuring quality education. International collaborations with institutions from India, Pakistan, South Korea, and Russia further enhance the learning experience. With modern facilities and advanced technologies, Andijan State Medical Institute has become a hub of medical education and research in Uzbekistan.

TMA Termez Branch:
Tashkent Medical Academy (TMA) Termez Branch is an educational institution located in Termez, Uzbekistan. As a branch of the prestigious Tashkent Medical Academy, it upholds the academy's standards of excellence in medical education. TMA Termez Branch offers various faculties and programs, providing opportunities for aspiring medical professionals to pursue their careers in healthcare. The branch emphasizes scientific research and innovation, contributing to advancements in the field of medicine in Uzbekistan.

Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute (TashPMI)
Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute (TashPMI) is a leading state higher education institution in Uzbekistan, established in 1972, specializing in pediatric medicine. Over its 46-year history, the institute has produced more than 29,500 highly qualified medical doctors. TashPMI's main tasks include providing high-quality professional education, advancing scientific research, and promoting healthcare innovation. The institute offers bachelor's and master's degrees in various medical fields, with a faculty comprising 516 staff members, including professors and Doctor of Science. TashPMI collaborates with over 50 international institutions and organizations. Additionally, TashPMI operates two academic lyceums and a city Training-Medical Center for retraining rural doctors. The Nukus affiliation provides medical education in Karakalpakstan.


Akfa University Medical School
Akfa University Medical School, is a promising addition to Uzbekistan's educational landscape. Located in Tashkent, the university aims to be a leading institution in the country and contribute to its development. With nine faculties, including medical, dental, nursing, and architecture, Akfa University provides top-notch training facilities to nurture future doctors, engineers, scientists, and architects. Students benefit from state-of-the-art classrooms and labs, with an emphasis on hands-on workshops and research applications. The university collaborates with renowned international research institutions, ensuring a cutting-edge educational experience. Akfa University envisions a future of excellence, fostering knowledge, innovation, and societal progress for the 21st century.

Fergana State University Medical Centre
Fergana State University Medical Centre, established in 1992 as part of Fergana State University, holds a prestigious position as Uzbekistan's leading educational institution. With a history of nearly 70 years, the university has been instrumental in producing highly qualified professionals for various sectors of the national economy and education system. Its roots can be traced back to the 1930s when Fergana Pedagogical Institution was established, playing a vital role in advancing education, science, and culture in the region. Over the years, the university has produced over 10,000 skilled specialists, contributing significantly to the nation's progress and development.

The Nukus Branch of Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute
The Nukus Branch of Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute, established in 1972, is a public higher education institution located in Nukus, Uzbekistan. Accredited by Uzbekistan's Ministry of Health, it offers a range of bachelor's, master's, and doctorate degree programs in various fields of study. Admission is based on entrance examinations, and students from all around the world are welcome to apply. The institute provides access to an academic library, administrative services, and both academic and non-academic facilities and services, contributing to a comprehensive learning environment for its students.